Our Purpose

This blog is an semester- long project for COMM398O: Digital Media & Democracy at the University of Maryland. In DMAD, we discuss a variety of topics including: historical and contemporary theories of democracy, the evolution of media, the role of advertising,  privacy, the growth of social media, intellectual property rights, free speech, and hacking, the role of digital media in activism.

The purpose of our blog is to highlight the advantages of legalizing marijuana in the United States. Since being outlawed in 1937 with the Marihuana Tax Act, marijuana has proven to provide numerous general health and stress relieving benefits.  Ending the “War on Drugs” would not only create new alternatives for medical patients suffering from cancer or other diseases; but  would also have a positive affect on our nation as a whole.

Through this blog, our group hopes to further the argument that: the decriminalization, and eventual legalization of marijuana in the United States will reap massive economic and social benefits including increased tax revenue through the regulation of underground drug markets; stimulation of both state and national economies; ending the incarceration of non-violent consumers which overburden the U.S. judicial system; and decreasing violent crime.  We also will be examining opposing perspectives.


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